1170 RS: A Lightweight Racing Platform

Design by Frederick & Cederna Architects

Fabrication and Assembly by JHP Racing & Ducati Coventry, UK.

The 1170 RS was designed and developed as a modern and lightweight racing platform, based on an air-cooled power-plant with a simple desmodromic two-valve per cylinder technology. The race formula uniquely doesn’t rely upon high horsepower and top speed as the winning characteristic, as the RS performance advantage is to win in the curves. With a dry weight of 310 lbs, the 128 bhp, blue-printed 1170cc engine provides a power-to-weight ratio of: 2.42 pounds/hp. The air-cooled power-plant retains an elegant and simple engine architecture, relieved of water cooling complexities (radiators & plumbing), achieved with less weight, and flowing and graceful lines.”

1170 RS Design & Features

Design: Chassis & Power Plant
Potent power-to-weight ratio: 128 hp power and 310 pounds: 2.42 pounds/HP

  • Blueprinted, dual spark-plug (per cylinder) 1100 CC Engine
  • Evo heads, 102 mm pistons, 490 CC oversized fuel injectors
  • Lightweight chassis: Pierobon F042 tubular aluminum frame and aluminum swing-arm
  • Carbon fiber front sub-frame and integrated rear sub-frame (seat)
  • Dual air intakes to pressurized airbox
  • Improved rear cylinder cooling: Targeted air flow through air tunnels & body vents
  • Titanium exhaust and lower COG
  • Improved engine cooling: large ‘V’ oil cooler
  • Improved fuel delivery: 1098 fuel pump
  • Electronics: Microtech M197 Dash & data logger/lightweight battery/bespoke wiring harness
  • Wheels: Magnesium Dymag 7-spoke
  • Transmission: Close-ratio gearbox

Design Aesthetic: Combining Structure, Geometry, & Curve

Lightweight aesthetic
The structural tubular frame is accentuated in color and linking to bodywork lines.

Faring, tank and seat emphasize curve and fluid form

Exclusion of cooling system and plumbing allows slender profile & elegant lines

Design & Fabrication
JHP Ducati/Ducati Coventry
John Hackett & Rick Hackett

*Note: JHP Racing and Ducati Coventry built, assembled and fabricated the 1170 RS including engine modifications & chassis, electronics & ECU, and custom components.

Photographs of Motorcycle Prototype 1170RS: Charlie Kershner Photography

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