The work of Frederick & Cederna Architects embodies a holistic and immersive approach to design. The mission is to deliver a succinct statement that is beautiful and elegant in form and line, and expressive of meaningful purpose.

Results embody an integrated whole that transcends its individual components, ranging in scale from 1.4 million square feet commercial projects to industrial design and products. The studio’s design expertise in architecture, urban design, interiors, and industrial design spans built, exhibited, and published works around the world since 1984.

Our studio brings together a diverse team of skilled professionals with extensive experience, enabling us to provide comprehensive design solutions to clients worldwide. With a collection of works spanning across North America and Europe, Frederick & Cederna Architects’ projects manifest a distinctive tradition of visionary design.


Our design philosophy emphasizes collaborative efforts, blending refined craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail with a deep understanding of cutting-edge construction methods. By applying a cohesive set of design principles thoughtfully, we create architecture and design that stands out not only for its clarity and elegance but also for its ability to uplift and inspire.

Design and programming are guided by the clarity and precision of our formal vision, our expertise in engineering and architecture, and a love for harmonious and exquisite detail. Each project serves as a composition, an eloquent arrangement of form and function, with elements, spaces, and flow that resonate on various levels. Employing graceful interplays of line and curve, embracing lively dialogues between materials, color, and light, designs embrace evocative contrasts of light and shadow. Whether still or in motion, our designs evoke the dynamic visual and spatial cadences that delight both the eye and the body. This keen sensitivity extends to the design’s context, incorporating a thoughtful integration with surroundings or supporting engineering and components, whether in a tranquil natural setting, environment, or a high-tech and futuristic design.


Significant focus is placed on community and collaboration.

Our designs bring client teams together. Through collaborative environments, our designers collect creative energies in active and dynamic community workspaces.

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