Douglas Frederick and Ann Cederna evolved unique design principles and philosophies through both theory and practice. As professors at several universities including Cornell University, Syracuse University, and The Catholic University of America, the practical and theoretical experience of Frederick and Cederna give foundation to projects requiring creative and engaging innovation that are committed to design excellence.

The approach at Frederick & Cederna Architects is deeply rooted in collaboration. Headed by a core team of exceptionally skilled designers with decades of combined practice and education, the firm’s studio boasts a diverse staff of dynamic professionals hailing from various backgrounds. Having delivered comprehensive design services in countries spanning continents, operating in five languages, the team is well-equipped to engage with clients worldwide.

Embracing diversity, the studio believes that projects thrive when enriched by a multitude of perspectives. At Frederick & Cederna Architects, designers are encouraged to participate in all project phases, ensuring each team member plays a holistic role and gains a comprehensive project understanding. This inclusive method is integral for mentoring and educating young architects and designers within the team, preparing them with well-rounded disciplines capable of making versatile contributions to diverse projects.

Our collaborative structure provides direct benefits to clients as principals are actively involved throughout every project, ensuring all team members are equally accessible. By fostering expert teams and a tight-knit partnership amongst one another, the studio offers a personalized approach that can be tailored across all project facets—from initial concept design to buildings, interiors, furniture design and lighting, graphics, art curation, and brand awareness.

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