Company History

Frederick & Cederna Design is an award-winning architectural and design firm specializing in residential, commercial, urban and industrial design. Founded in 1984, Frederick & Cederna Design’s depth of experience combined with innovation has positioned it as a powerhouse in the development of original and effective design solutions.

Frederick & Cederna Design has established expertise in architecture, urban design, interiors and industrial design and has designed, built, exhibited and published works around the world since 1984. The design principals have rendered services through this practice and as design consultants in numerous architectural firms in North America and Europe, and have established an innovative business including significant backgrounds in digital and technology design solutions. Both Douglas Frederick and Ann Cederna have taught in several Universities including Cornell University, Syracuse University, and The Catholic University of America. The services and practical experience of Frederick & Cederna Design add much value to projects requiring creative and engaging innovation and that are committed to design excellence.

Frederick and Cederna strive to exceed clients' expectations in quality, value, and reliability while producing leading and distinguished design solutions.


Architectural design expertise ranges from single & multi-family housing, town homes, commercial offices and showrooms, to retail and mixed use facilities. Industrial design services are equally broad and range from furniture, tableware, and jewelry to transportation design

About the Firm

Design excellence, innovation, and distinction.

Prestigious international + national awards, including AIA Awards of Excellence, Outstanding Rehabilition Awards, design competitions, Clios and Cannes Gold Cyber Lion.

High-profile exhibitions and lecturing engagements.

International client base ranging from North America to Western Europe.

Committed to creating architecture that embodies unique image, engages the surrounding structures and spaces, and stimulates how people live and work. The integration of planning expertise, visionary design and innovative engineering makes this possible.

Advanced technology, life-cycle longevity, sustainable design, and a dynamic design culture that respond to clients and evolving needs.

Frederick and Cederna enjoy collaborating with organizations and individuals that similarly position themselves as leaders in their disciplines, are innovative, and that are looking to contribute architecture and design with impact.